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Visit of the Château La Coste with Angela during her immersion course in Provence

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Departure to Château La Coste with Angela

Virginie asked me to discover the Château Lacoste this week. As I am sick of transport, I drive. We drove a little over 30 minutes on windy and winding roads today before arriving at Chaâteau Lacoste. Château Lacoste is a large vineyard with several art exhibitions and some restaurants. The place is very beautiful with wildflowers everywhere. I liked the place as soon as we arrived.

Visit of the Château La Coste with Angela during her immersion in Provence
Château La Coste

The artistic journey of Château La Coste with Angela

To start the excursion, we decided to follow the artistic route. This tour includes more than forty works, most of which are sculptures.

One of my most memorable works is in a very dark building called “Four Cubes to Contemplate our Environment”. It was made by Tadao Ando between 2008 and 2011. The artist created four giant cubes. Three cubes contained waste such as empty water bottles or crushed aluminum cans to talk about pollution. The last cube was empty. It represented the future. I found this work very powerful!

After leaving the building, we saw a shiny thing that we could move vertically and horizontally by pushing it. This sculpture is called “Drop”. It is a work by Tom Shannon. The artwork was attached to the base with magnets. It felt like it was floating. I loved this sculpture. It was very funny!

Visit of the Château La Coste with Angela during her immersion in Provence
Drop - Tom Shannon

Lunch at Château La Coste with Angela

1. The restaurants of Château La Coste

There are 5 restaurants with different atmospheres at Château La Coste. There is the Tadao Ando, designed by the Japanese architect of the same name that offers balanced meals with local products. There is also the terrace with its vegetable garden products and organic wines from the estate. There is the Francis Mallmann restaurant, an Argentine restaurant, and the Hélène Darroze restaurant (Michelin starred chef) which is located at Villa La Coste. Finally, the Vanina restaurant is a fabulous Italian restaurant offering fresh Italian pizzas.

2. Our choice of restaurant at Château La Coste

As the other exhibitions are only open in the afternoon, we decided to go to the Terrace for a glass of wine. We then decided to have lunch there. I ordered the onion pie. There were lots of onions but the pie was accompanied by a large and delicious salad. Virginia was very cold so she ordered the day’s velouté. The velouté was cold so she was really disappointed.

Visit of the Château La Coste with Angela during her immersion in Provence
The restaurants of Château La Coste

3. Our opinion of the restaurant La Terrasse du château La coste

With Virginie, Andrew and Axelle, we had the pleasure of sharing a good time, eating fabulous dishes, and enjoying a sumptuous wine at the restaurant La Terrasse. The spot is ideal for a meal with friends or family! Dishes and desserts are homemade! We didn’t get a chance to have dessert because we just weren’t hungry anymore. But it is possible that I let myself be tempted during my next immersion scheduled in 2024.

The exhibition “Je est un autre” at Château Lacoste.

After lunch, we visited another exhibition called “I is an other”. These are paintings and sculptures by four international artists. Virginie was particularly marked by the works of Cécilia Granara because she wonders about the fact that the body is the seat of our emotions. For my part, I really liked the colors of this exhibition. It was the works of Inès Longevial that particularly touched me.

Visit of the Château La Coste with Angela during her immersion in Provence
Virginie In Provence and Angela at the exhibition "Je est un autre"

If you are coming for an immersion stay in Provence, I really invite you to contact Virginie in Provence. She will be happy to make you discover the different aspects of Provence: landscapes and scents, but also culture, gastronomy... while helping you to improve your French.


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