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Bonjour et Bienvenue to Virginie in Provence

Why choose an immersion course in Provence?

Learning a language will be one of your greatest achievements but getting there should be a fun and enjoyable journey - so come to Provence for an immersion course and learn in an environment that will inspire and make learning French the pleasure you always wanted it to be.

As an experienced French teacher, I, along with my family, have put together an experience you will never forget, right here near the Montagne Sainte Victoire, a short 20 minutes drive from Aix-En-Provence. 


Our full immersion course in Provence will allow you to use all the knowledge you currently have and then build on it to take you to the next level and beyond - all whilst enjoying the wonders that our region has to offer.


“La vie en Provence est belle” so come and join us for the experience of a lifetime. One that you will never forget but will be able to recount to all your French friends for years to come.


Individual or group classes are available with french cooking an alternative/additional option.


Our programs are for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and you will soon be “en route” to France but also to improving “votre français”.


Merci mes amis et à bientôt.

French teacher


Je m’appelle Virginie et je voudrais vous aider!

 I am a certified French teacher for non-French speakers and have been welcoming, hosting and supporting learners at my home in Provence since 2018.

Before that, I taught French in some of the great French speaking Capitals of the world including Paris and Brussels. Whilst there, I taught a wide variety of people, all starting at difference levels, including diplomats, lawyers & politicians; always targeting my courses on the needs of each student in either groups or individually.

​immersion course in provence

Pour le plaisir, j’adore danser, faire du yoga tous les jours et I am taking a stand-up class in Marseille. 


What I Do...



3 hours lessons per day + 2 meals per day + 2 excursions per week + accomodation



Classic French lessons &

Cooking French lessons



1.5 hours lessons per day + 1.5 hours massage per day + 2 meals per day + 2 excursions per week + accomodation


" Virginie is a great teacher, very patient, warm, friendly & fun to be with she put me totally at ease while speaking French, my vocabulary improved immensely. "

Kathleen & Georges

" We couldn’t be more satisfied and pleased with our entire experience. I especially feel that my French comprehension has improved. We wholeheartedly recommend Virginie"

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Lucas & Caleb

" We had a really memorable time with Virginie and her lovely family in Provence. My twin are speaking French more spontaneously and most of all, adored their experience. "

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