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Je suis Virginie - your host, French language teacher and future friend in Provence

Make your dreams come true and join me, here in Provence, for a wonderful & fully immersed language and cultural experience of a lifetime.

My Career as a French language Teacher

Je m’appelle Virginie and I’m a certified DAEFLE French language teacher. Before offering immersion experiences in Provence, I taught French in some of the great French speaking Capitals of the world including Paris and Brussels.


Whilst there, I taught a wide variety of people, all starting at difference levels, including diplomats, lawyers & politicians; always targeting my courses on the needs of each student in either groups or individually.


Now, I am focused on ensuring that the French learners, who come and stay with us,  have the most wonderful experience possible whilst they improve their French.


Un "Chez-vous" loin de "Chez-vous"

When you come ”chez-nous” you will experience an authentic French family lifestyle; joining myself, my husband and my 3 wonderful kids – toute la famille – in all aspects of family life. Don’t worry though – you decide how much you want to get involved but “mes enfants” will adore having you with us.

French language teacher

“Mon Mari”

French language teacher

Alex, my husband, is a very open-minded and fun loving person. Like me, he loves traveling as well as meeting new people of all cultures. We both lived in Australia, and Alex lived in Taiwan for a year so we have met and enjoyed the company of people from all over the world. We are both fluent in English, I speak German and a bit of Dutch, and Alex speaks Spanish and basic Chinese Mandarin.

French language teacher

“Mes Enfants”

French language teacher

We have 2 “garcons”, Léo (8 years old) and Tom (6), and a “fille”, Lily (5). They all have different personalities but get along pretty well. They are definitely not shy and love to chat, so you’ll get a lot of French practice with them! They do go to school Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, so we will also have plenty of grown-up time.


"...and last but no means least : we will definitely have a lots of fun!

French language teacher

Not just because I promise your trip here will be amazing, but also because I can't imagine life without fun. I can guarantee lots of laughs and play during my classes!"


La Grande Maison of your French language Teacher in Provence

“La maison” is a large typical Provençal house that’s been entirely renovated. There are “4 chambres”, a dining room, and a living room with a large fireplace that we love for the ambiance and the warmth. We have a large dining table indoors, but we often eat outside, “sur la terrasse” covered by a pergola. We love enjoying quality family time at mealtimes, and we can’t wait to share this with you!

French language teacher

“Pour les enfants” or “les jeunes de cœur” there are plenty of games in the garden such as a wooden hut, a trampoline, and a swing set. “Le jardin” is beautiful with lots of flowers and typical provençal trees, such as olive and almond, covering the landscape.


La Petite Maison of your French language Teacher in Provence

Your private bungalow is located in our garden, next to “La grande maison”. It has recently been renovated and features a large glass door with curtains which opens up to the garden. You’ll have your own key and private entrance to come and go as you please. “Un vrai chez-vous loin de chez-vous”!

French language teacher

Your room will be bright and comfortable with a large dressing table, a television and a king size bed which can be split into two single beds to suit your needs.

French language teacher

Your private ensuite bathroom is fully equipped with a modern shower, a toilet and a sink. There is also a nicely equipped “cuisine” with a sink, a microwave oven, a stove and a table & chairs. You’ll be able to choose whether to dine indoors or take in the beautiful South of France weather and eat outside “sur la terrasse”.

French language teacher

The house has both central heating and air conditioning, so you won’t be bothered by the heat during the summer but you will be warm and cosy during the winter.

French language teacher

“Un Petit Bijou” !


La Région of your language French Teacher

Our house is ideally located at the heart of Provence, in the middle of the vineyards in “un petit village” called Rousset. Rousset is filled with restaurants, surrounded by beautiful countryside and just 20 minutes away from the large town of Aix-en-Provence.

French language teacher

Tranquillity will be enjoyed every day whilst at the house as we are located at the base of the Montagne Saint Victoire – this means your terrace will provide you the most wonderful mountain vistas whilst you enjoy a morning “café” or “faire les devoirs”.

French language teacher

Walks, bike rides and hikes in the countryside are available directly from the house or you can chill “à la maison” and play pétanque or tennis in the large garden or enjoy a refreshing plunge in “la piscine”.

French language teacher

We can even organise a tennis lesson with our friend Olivier who is a tennis teacher.

French language teacher

“La Belle Vie”!

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