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The Mimosa route: A Must-See in Provence in Winter

The Mimosa route : A Must-see in Provence in Winter
A flowering mimosa along a sunny road.

Hello! My name is Marie Catherine and I live in California.

This winter, I decided to come in immersion in Provence. I immediately had a very good email contact with Virginie. Moreover, I love Provence. So I decided to come to her house. I do not regret. Virginie is a person attentive and attentive. Thanks to her, I was able to really improve my French. I also discovered beautiful things about this region of France that I love so much. In this article I will tell you about one of them: the Mimosa road.

1. The Mimosa route: A must-see in Provence in winter

The Mimosa Route in Provence offers an incredible journey through sunny landscapes dotted with flowering mimosas. This route stretches along the Mediterranean coast, offering a unique visual and olfactory experience in the heart of Provence’s nature.

The Mimosa route : A must-see in Provence in winter
A kilometer marker, indicating the distances to nearby cities.

2. The mimosa route in Provence - Where is it located?

The Mimosa Route in Provence stretches for about 130 kilometers, connecting Bormes-les-Mimosas to Grasse. This route is particularly popular in winter, when mimosas are in full bloom, wrapping the landscapes with bright touches of bright yellow. It is a charming getaway, imbued with the delicate scent of these golden flowers.

3. The Mimosa route in Provence - The course of our day

The Mimosa route : A must-see in Provence in winter
A flowering mimosa in front of sunny mountains.

Before leaving in the morning we had a hearty breakfast with pancakes with homemade grapefruit jam, yogurt, orange juice. A competitive breakfast as Virginie would say. And I love French gastronomy so much! I was in paradise.

The Mimosa route : A must-see in Provence in winter
Breakfast with pancakes, grapefruit jam and orange juice.

We then took the road around 9am. It is necessary to leave early enough to not have too many people on the road and to have time to admire the different landscapes.

We started the Mimosa route from the end. With Virginie, we decided to go on a two-day excursion. The day before, we walked along the coast to reach Menton then we went to Grasse: our first stage of the mimosa route.

a. The Mimosa road - First stop - Grasse

In Grasse, mimosa is omnipresent. Mimosa is a color, a taste but also a perfume. It is therefore greatly honored at the International Museum of Perfumery where we were also able to discover other perfumes.

The Mimosa route : A must-see in Provence in winter
International Museum of Perfumery.

We didn’t see the most mimosas in Grasse. I’m talking about the tree itself. But this is a nice step to discover the heated greenhouses that accelerate their development. We spent the night in Grasse and we head in the morning to Tanneron.

b. Route du Mimosa - Second stop - Tanneron

We stop around 10am in Tanneron. We took our time on the road.

Tanneron is in the heart of Europe’s largest mimosa forest. Many people were there for a hike. We preferred to discover the specialties offered on the different stands: mimosa syrup, mimosa jam, etc.

In Tanneron, there are also metal animals covered with mimosas. In the photo, it is a donkey.

The Mimosa route : A must-see in Provence in winter
Sculpture of a metal donkey covered with mimosas.

It’s very funny! Once we have gone around the market, we continue our journey.

c. The Mimosa road - Third stop - Bormes les mimosas

The first thing that strikes me in Bormes les Mimosas is the sign: “No mimosa picking”. The message is clear, right?

The Mimosa route : A must-see in Provence in winter
Sign "No picking mimosa".

The little village is sublime. Mimosas really bring more cheerfulness and light. We are in the middle of January. There is no one on the streets. We meet one or two aboriginals, one of whom agrees to take a picture of us even though she is in a hurry. It is already 4pm and after a French picnic consisting of bread, cold cuts and cheeses, we go home

d. The Mimosa route - the return to Rousset

The return to Rousset was also worth its weight of peanuts! So we made two more stops to take some pictures. I noticed that the Provençal vegetation was very similar to the Californian vegetation. No, it was not an optical illusion or an ill-managed country.

That’s right! Trust me!

The Mimosa route : A must-see in Provence in winter
Marie Catherine shows us a mimosa

4. The Mimosa Route - Dinner and end of a trip

Once back home, I immediately headed to my small independent house to write this experience. It will remain forever engraved in my memory.

The Mimosa route : A must-see in Provence in winter
The way back

We then met for dinner. We ate a quiche made by Leo and Alex. Thanks to them! Then I started my homework! I never stop. I know. But I want to progress so fast! It was definitely another dream day!

The Mimosa route : A must-see in Provence in winter
Marie Catherine during her immersion stay in Provence

If you come for an immersion stay in Provence, I really invite you to contact Virginie en Provence. She will be happy to help you discover the different aspects of Provence: landscapes and scents, but also culture, gastronomy… while helping you improve your French.


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