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Vineyards at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire Mountain in Provence - Virginie In Provence

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

We have been living in Rousset since 2020. Rousset is a small Provençal village located at the foot of the Montagne Sainte-Victoire. This little haven of peace therefore happens to be a magnificent natural environment just 15 kilometers from Aix-en-Provence. Arriving at Rousset for an immersion with us, you will notice that we are literally surrounded by vineyards. Here I share with you our best vineyard addresses.

Château Grand Boise

At the beginning of the 17th century, a magistrate requested the construction of a Bastide called “La Grenobloise”. This residence faces the Sainte-Victoire. It is a large stone house. A vaulted cellar is created in the rock. It is the first vineyard to bottle its wine. In 1879, the estate was combined with two nearby farms. It was in the middle of the 20th century that Grand Boise began to develop a real reputation thanks to its quality wines. A new turning point was taken in the 3rd millennium with the renovation of farms, the launch of events and the purchase of high-performance technology.

Vins Grand Boise

We are lucky to live behind the Bistrot Grand Boise. According to your wishes, I can organize a tasting at Bistrot Grand Boise. To start, I love the place. It is spacious and beautifully decorated. And also, I really appreciate their sommelier who always has clear explanations and always adapts to be as understandable as possible according to your level of French. I invite all my immersion students to go there. It is really worth it.

Grand Boise wine is produced at Château Grand Boise, in the village just next to Rousset: Trets. They have 40 hectares in production and 300 hectares of forest and scrubland. The composition of their wines is very important to them because they want balanced, digestible and fresh wines. They are biodynamic, and they will soon be certified.

Biodynamics considers the Earth as a “Whole”. Biodynamics makes it possible to find a kind of total balance between all the areas that influence the Earth. This takes into account plants, insects, the moon, etc. We use the Earth's natural defense mechanism to act against disease. The treatments are done with horsetail, chamomile, cow dung, etc.

Adresse :

Maison Grand boise

RN7, Quartier Mévouillon

13790 Rousset

Provence - France

Mas de Cadenet

The Negrel family took possession of the estate in 1813. It was on this date that the history of Mas de Cadenet began. Mas de Cadenet means "field planted with Cade". Cade is a juniper from the Mediterranean regions. It is a characteristic plant of scrubland and maquis.

Today, it is Guy Négrel who manages the Domaine supported by his children. This is one of the oldest winemaking families in Provence. The Domaine produces 60% rosé, 30% red and 10% white. I enjoy tasting their wine as well for the aperitif as for the dishes.

Vins Mas de Cadenet

Located 250 meters above sea level, the Domaine Mas de Cadenet covers 60 hectares. The vineyard is located on a south-facing plateau at an altitude of 250 meters. Most of the vines are classified as AOP Sainte Victoire and another, smaller part is planted as AOP Côtes de Provence.

This area is a must in Provence. The visit to the Domaine is very nice and allows you to understand the different stages of wine creation.

Adresse :

Mas de Cadenet


13530 Trets

Provence - France

Terres de Mistral

It was in 2008 that the Terre de Mistral adventure began. The owners, Serge and Nadia Davico are both from Rousset. Serge's desire is to produce "a high-quality wine by making the most of the Sainte-Victoire terroir and above all to share his passion for his job as a winegrower. »

Vins Terre de Mistral

I really liked the visit to this vineyard during Cristi's immersion in Provence. Cristi's stay took place in November. So we also had the opportunity to visit the Olive Oil Mill. The owners are both natives of Rousset. It was Laura, today replaced by Laurette, who assisted us during the visit. Terre de Mistral produces 80% rosé, 10% white and 10% red.

They produce AOP Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire wines because they have a microclimate linked to their location. Rosé wines all have women's first names. They have 14 cuvées and produce 350,000 bottles a year for 60 hectares.

The point that differentiates them from others: their rosé ages in acacia barrels.

Terre de Mistral also has its own production of olive oil. Private or professional can bring their olives. They pay according to the number of kilos of olives brought. In the Moulin, it is possible to follow all the stages of wine creation.

Adresse :

Domaine Terre de Mistral

Route du Regagnas

CD56b 13790 Rousset

Provence - France

Château de la Galinière

The Domaine has had vines for 500 years. The most important family of the Estate is the Badetty family, who inherited the estate in 1892. Mr. Badetty developed the estate and the first buildings. He was also mayor of the village of Châteauneuf-le-Rouge.

Vins Château de la Galinière

The Estate has 90 hectares. The aging is done in stainless steel tanks which makes very fresh wines.

Everything is organically grown. They do not use chemicals in the vines or in the wines. Only natural products are used to prevent risks. The Estate is located at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire and has the appellation Côtes de Provence and Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire.

The Domain is in “Fermage”. “Fermage” is a long-term rental in agriculture. It is managed by an Alsatian family which owns 75 estates in France.

An unusual fact: Pope Pie VII slept twice at the Château de la Galinière.

Adresse :

Château de la Galinière


13790 Châteauneuf-le-Rouge

Provence - France

These 4 vineyards are within a 10-minute drive from our house. For wine experts or simply lovers of French gastronomy and culture, I really invite you to go there. We can plan it together for an excursion if you wish.

If you come to my place for an immersion stay in Provence, I will make you discover the different aspects of Provence: the landscapes and the scents, but also the culture, the gastronomy... while helping you to improve your French. See you soon in Provence!

Virginie In Provence


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